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Welsh Escorts

On Escorts Wales we aim to show you a selection of Welsh escorts and Welsh escort agencies who provide an outstanding service to their clients.  This Welsh escort directory aims to list escorts in all the major Welsh cities, from the South of Wales, through the Brecon Beacons, Central Wales, Snowdonia National park, North Wales and Anglesey.

Cardiff Escorts

Cardiff traditionally has been a trading port; with the result the population of the city is very diverse.  All ports have a large escort population, and Cardiff Escorts are no exception.  Cardiff has seen a large change in the last years, the building of the barrage, conversion of the dock areas to expensive apartments, and of course the Millennium stadium.  All these changes have meant that Cardiff escorts have moved off the dock area streets to work in doors in the apartments. Alternatively the many smart hotels where business men stay have become a honey pot for Cardiff outcall escorts.  The increasing cost of education has also seen an increase in Cardiff student escort working to pay their tuition and living fees.

Newport Escorts

Newport is a cathedral and University City as well as a port on the South coast of Wales.  Newport has been a port since medieval times and became a large coal exporting dock for the valleys.  The port declined in the 20th century.  Newport has had a pragmatic approach to Newport escorts, often allowing them to work together for safety.  Working flats are allowed to continue so long as they don’t cause disturbance and remain drug free.  The police and council in 2015 proposed a tolerance zone for street Newport street escorts.  This drew a lot of criticism from the affected residents and surprising from many of the Newport escorts.  The plans were officially dropped.

Newport has many escort agencies and Newport independent escorts,

Swansea Escorts

Swansea escorts have a large population to entertain as Swansea is the second largest city in Wales.  Swansea is an administrative centre dealing with vehicle licensing for the United Kingdom, with the result there are many frustrated men in the city looking for Swansea escorts.  This is yet another city where there are many Swansea student escorts who have having to work to pay their student debts caused by high living costs and tuition fees.  This was brought to light by a detailed study by Swansea University of student sex workers in Wales 

Colwyn Bay Escorts

Colwyn bay is on the North coast of Wales with a population a little over 30,000.  Colwyn Bay and the surrounding area are very much geared towards tourism. Colwyn Bay escorts mainly cater for the itinerant workers and the tourists who come on their own.  In 2015 there were press scare stories about escorts using North Wales car washes as brothels, while your car was being washed, you could go into the office and have a blow job  

Carmarthen Escorts

Carmarthen is on the river Towy to the North of Carmarthen bay.  It claims to be the oldest town in Wales, and the area at one time had the greatest population of Wales.  The growth in population stopped as the coal miles to the east became the economic drivers for Wales.  Some legends have it that King Arthur was born just outside of Carmarthen.  Carmarthen escorts to exist to cater for the small population of the area.

Tenby Escorts

Tenby is a seaside resort on the South coast of Wales.  To be honest there are not many Tenby escorts available, though Cardiff escorts will travel to Tenby for outcall appointments in your hotel or holiday let.

Aberystwyth Escorts

Aberystwyth is on the West coast of Wales.  The town is both a university town and a seaside resort.  It is also a remote town with little other population nearby.  Access to the town is by two roads; one is a mountain road and has been described as one of the top ten most scenic drives.

Aberystwyth is also a port.  It though is a small port, and as such does not support an Aberystwyth Escort industry.

Wrexham Escorts

Wrexham is to the North East end of Wales, near to Chester and ultimately Liverpool.  Wrexham Escorts are thus easily available directly in Wrexham, or visiting Wrexham escorts from Chester or Liverpool.

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